How To Convert Your Generator To Run On Propane

Gasoline turbines have at all times been widespread, and a few are even cheap.

Although with the growing recognition and availability of propane within the RV sector, many individuals are questioning if they will convert their fuel generator to run on propane.

The excellent news is that it’s certainly doable to transform your gas-burning generator to run on propane, although you’ll normally want a particular conversion equipment.

With some fashions, this may be loads of work, and when mixed with the price of the equipment, it could be prohibitive, to the purpose that it makes extra sense to purchase a brand new dual-fuel propane generator.

Nonetheless, some fashions and kits are cheap, and the quantity of labor it takes to finish the conversion is cheap for somebody with a modest quantity of mechanical sympathy.

What Are the Advantages of Changing a Generator to Propane?

What Are the Benefits of Converting a Generator to Propane

Think about the advantages of changing your RV tenting generator from fuel to propane.

Use RV Propane

Many RVs have onboard liquid propane tanks and spare tanks for practical issues just like the fuel range and maybe a three-way absorption fridge.

This allows you to faucet your generator immediately into your RV’s current provide with out carrying some other gas.

Additionally, fuel cans are an growing fireplace and fume hazard that you just don’t have to fret about if you use propane as the first gas supply to run the generator.

Storage Stability of Liquid Propane

When gasoline sits for quite a lot of weeks, it tends to separate, and the octane worth degrades.

In time, this could even result in varnish deposits contained in the fuel can that may later discover their method into your generator’s gas tank. Even the very best gas stabilizer will ultimately grow to be ineffective.

Liquid propane stays 100% viable for months, if lower than a 12 months. This implies you possibly can retailer it away with out having to take further steps to make sure it really works correctly.

Clear Burning

Propane burns cleaner than gasoline whereas additionally releasing fewer emissions into the air.

This additionally signifies that the exhaust popping out of the generator will probably be cleaner, and the fumes will probably be a lot much less noxious.

Barely Decrease Value Per Unit

Most trendy propane provides in North America are created as a byproduct of refining crude oil into gasoline.

So, whereas the worth of propane can fluctuate in line with the worth of oil, it nonetheless has a a lot decrease price per unit than gasoline and even diesel gas.

Much less Upkeep

Because it burns cleansing with nearly no deposits, you don’t have to fret as a lot about sustaining the generator’s carburetor and different inner components. This additionally interprets to an extended total lifespan for the generator.

Handy Emergency Useful resource

As a gas supply, liquid propane is extra available in an emergency state of affairs.

This implies you possibly can ask your RV generator to tug double obligation in a pure catastrophe to energy key home equipment in your house.

This may be a lot much less difficult than ready in line to get gasoline at a service station.

Particularly if there’s a regional energy outage and the pumps on the fuel station can’t run.

Whereas propane tanks are available at shops, and also you would possibly even be capable of preserve a bigger liquid propane tank in your yard at no cost by a propane lease.

How A lot Does It Value To Convert A Fuel Generator To Propane?

How Much Does It Cost To Convert A Gas Generator To Propane

Whereas it might probably fluctuate relying on the age and mannequin, you possibly can normally purchase a whole fuel to propane conversion equipment for round $125 to $200. Then it’s a must to think about your labor time.

The place Can I Discover a Package to Convert My Generator from Fuel to Propane?

As you possibly can think about, Amazon is likely one of the extra frequent locations to search out gas-to-propane generator conversion kits.

Although there are additionally model-specific kits provided by Century fuel products, US Carburetion Kit Center, and Propane Carbs.

Conversion Package Parts

Conversion Kit Components

Whereas some fashions and compatibility variations, most conversion kits have very comparable components.

When looking for the very best equipment to transform your fuel generator to propane, you need to search for one which has:

  • A regulator or governor gadget
  • A carburetor spacer
  • Carburetor stud extensions
  • A fuel line elbow for a fuel line
  • A bit of LP hose

Further Parts You Could Must Add to a Conversion Package:

  • A rubber LP hose with fittings on each ends
  • Fast-connect adapters
  • Spacers (Non-compulsory)

How To Convert Your Gasoline Generator to Propane

Whereas there are some variations between fashions, you should use the next steps.

  • Step One: Take away the engine cowl and make any needed changes to accommodate the air filter field. Relying in your mannequin, you would possibly want to regulate the place of the motor mounts to make room for the conversion elements.
  • Step Two: Take away the air filter field from the generator. This will provide you with entry to the generator’s carburetor.
  • Step Three: Set up the carburetor spacer with the carburetor adapter. Relying on the mannequin, you would possibly have to drill a gap. Upon getting entry, set up the carburetor adapter. Most are marked to be sure to know which facet faces the carburetor.
  • Step 4: Set up the stud extensions that probably got here within the equipment and bolt the air field again on.
  • Step 5: Mount the regulator to the facet of the generator per the directions that got here with the equipment. Most require you to mount it vertically to make sure that the inner diaphragm performs appropriately.
  • Step Six: Set up the T-Becoming into the underside of the regulator. Apply some thread sealant to make sure a 100% air-tight match.
  • Step Seven: Join the fuel line from the regulator to the carburetor in line with the producer’s directions.
  • Step Eight: Bleed any residual gasoline out of the system and gas strains. Then check your generator with an electrical equipment to make sure it performs appropriately at excessive revs. This could be as simple as connecting your electrical dryer or air compressor to the generator’s outlet.
  • Step 9: You may need to regulate the fuel-to-air ratio by loosening or tightening the adjustment bolt that’s sometimes discovered on the backside of the regulator.

Ceaselessly Requested Questions

Do I Must Minimize the Body to Convert My Fuel Generator to Propane?

Lots of the conversion kits name so that you can make alterations to the body of your generator.

Some even insist that it’s a must to reduce the body rails with a Sawzall to accommodate the modifications to the engine.

In some instances, that is 100% needed. Although you need to see it as a final possibility.

If doable, look to see if there’s a solution to transfer the engine mounts on the body rail or if you should use heavy-duty spacers to accommodate the place of the brand new elements.

Is It Extra Value Efficient To Purchase A Twin-Gasoline Generator?

The fabric price to transform your gasoline generator to run on propane ranges from round $200 to $350.

Then it’s a must to bear in mind the price of your time. For those who suppose your time is value $25 an hour, and it takes you 4 to five hours to totally full the conversion, you could be a real-world price of $450 to $600.

That is roughly the identical worth as shopping for a brand-new WEN DF475T Dual Fuel 4,750-Watt generator or a pulsar 5,250W Dual Fuel Transportable Generator.


Changing your gasoline generator to run on propane is definitely well worth the effort.

Although you continue to should be ready to shoulder a equipment and supplies price of round $200 or extra.

In some fashions, the conversion is comparatively simple and straightforward. It’d solely take an hour or two of your time.

Although not each gasoline generator is straightforward to transform. Some would possibly require you to drill holes and even reduce out sections of the generator’s body.

So, earlier than you go all-in on changing your generator from gasoline to propane, take the time to learn by opinions from comparable fashions to gauge the time estimate.

If it would take you greater than 6 hours of your time, and also you estimate your time to be value round $25 an hour, it would make extra sense to buy a twin gas generator after which promote your present gas-burning generator to a second social gathering.

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