Hiking pants

Hiking Pants- Detailed Analysis: Best Picks for You

Are you looking for the best hiking pants? Or do you think jeans are a good choice when it’s cold or wet? Hikers should always be prepared for a poor climate. Blue jeans are appreciable, aren’t they? They look fantastic and are bumpy. Yet, there is a drawback of wearing blue jeans for outdoor uses. They aren’t lightweight. They are hot.

When blue jeans get wet, they become useless and even threatening. And blue jeans are not convertible we need a scissor to convert these jeans to shorts. Whereas hiking pants are lightweight, easy to wear, most comfortable, and the best thing hiking pants are convertible (can easily be converted to shorts).

Hiking pants

A few years back, people use to wear blue jeans instead of hiking pants for hiking and outdoor uses. Gladly for hiking lovers, some quality hiking pants are available that make hiking enjoyable, suitable, most comfortable, and out of harm’s way. These pants are so comfortable, lightweight, they can be dried quickly (made from numerous types of Nylon), so they are ideal for hiking and outdoor uses, come with many pockets and have no volume. Nowadays, many hiking pants that are convertible means they can easily be converted to comfortable shorts by zipping off your leg.

As I’m a hiking lover, I decided to write a guide article about these super comfortable and unique pants. So if you’re a hiking lover, buy some pairs of hiking pants and make your hiking more enjoyable.

In this article, I’m going to cover the following topics:

  • Best Hiking pants
  • Waterproof hiking pants
  • Women’s hiking pants
  • Men’s hiking pants
  • Where to buy pants for hiking 
  • Convertible hiking pants

Best Hiking pants:

Hiking pants

It is difficult to find the best hiking pants in cold weather to safeguard yourself from chilling conditions. When you are on the way to hiking, the outdoor environment is not that clear; there are so many dangerous animals, bushes, etc., that can be harmful to your legs. So to protect your legs, you must have a pair of hiking pants. 

Also, hiking in icy conditions can make you exposed to a condition termed Hypothermia (i.e. prolonged exposure to frigid temperatures). When we are exposed to freezing temperatures, our body starts to lose heat faster than it is produced. Prolonged exposures to freezing temperatures will begin using our body’s stored energy, resulting in lower body temperature. To protect ourselves from this condition, it is necessary to wear hiking pants to keep our legs warm and dry. Keeping in mind this condition, it is pretty essential to spend some money on great pair of pants for the best hiking experience. Best hiking pants have the following features:


Hiking pants

Hiking pants are the most comfortable pants a person can wear. These pants are lightweight so light that these pants are easy to forget even you are wearing them or not. These pants are appropriately sized. When wearing these pants, you’ll never have to worry about rubbing against the skin, which usually happens when you are wearing blue jeans on longer hikes. When you are wearing hiking pants, your skin remains rash-free because of the soft fabric of these hiking pants. These pants have an elastic waist, and these elastic waistbands allow pants to move with the motion of a hiker.

Having Pockets:

Hiking pants have so many pockets, and these pockets are large. In these pockets, you can store your essentials like small digital cameras, lip balm, a comb, sunscreen, munchies, phone, and other small items ‘on person’ instead of buried in a pack, etc. the several pockets in the hiking pants make it easier to go ultra-light in it.

Speedy Drying:

The nylon material used in hiking pants allows these pants to dry fast. If you are hiking in rainy weather and your pant gets wet, there is no need to worry because the nylon material dries these pants in minutes, even while wearing. In mountainy areas, the ability to dry pants is essentially important where cold temperatures accompany rainy weather. We can say a hiker who is wearing blue jeans can’t enjoy hiking as a person who is wearing unique hiking pants.

Protection to legs:

In hiking pants, sweat is not trapped inside the pants, so hiking pants keep legs cool and give protection to the legs from twigs, thorns, and other kinds of hazards found when you are hiking. If you are an off-trail hiker, you will quickly appreciate how smoothly these pants protect your skin while keeping your legs cool.

Attachment of Belts:

There is a variety of best-hiking pants that comes with a belt that is permanently attached. Most people like the permanently attached belt, but some people don’t like having a permanently attached belt. Some people use belt wants the ability to detach it from the pant. The style of the pants you want depends on the hiking needs. So before buying hiking pants, make sure to check whether the belt is permanently sewn in or is detachable.

Arc’teryx Men’s Gamma LT pants: 

You can buy the best quality hiking pants from Arc’teryxTheir pants are designed to keep your legs warm in the winter season. Their main features are:

  • These pants are versatile and tough
  • Having excellent insulation
  • Their fabric is outclass
  • Having comfort-oriented features


Your hiking pants should be lightweight. So the fabric of these hiking pants, i.e. (Arc’teryx Men’s Gamma LT pants) is so smooth and stretchy that it can make your hiking trip enjoyable.

Stitching style:

When you are hiking, the stitching of your pants must be sturdy because hiking involves a lot of movement like climbing, walking etc., so the stitching of these pants is sturdy, which gives hikers freedom during hiking.

Quality stitching:

Best hiking pants feature a combination of synthetic material, which includes Nylon, polyester, and elastane. Their waistband is made of unique polyester material that is stretchy for giving comfort. The Nylon used in these pants is so sustainable to make them perfect.

Water Resistance Quality:

These pants have the best water resistance capability because of the best-used fabrics that these pants dry out so quickly.

Men’s Ferrosi pants for outdoor use:

Men’s Ferrosi pants for outdoor use  are also considered as best hiking pants having the following features:

  • Having compatible waste
  • Having segmented knees
  • Fabric is stretchy
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Dry

Ventilation Quality:

Ventilation is the only thing people have to worry about while buying the best-hiking pants. Its breathable material is made of Nylon which makes sure of its breathability during any weather.

Water Resistance Quality:

These are one of the best hiking pants having water resistance quality. Its worthier fabric makes it extraordinary for wind as well as for light wind.

Comfortable Fabric:

The fabric used in these pants is so comfortable that walking in these pants is so easy because of having movement elasticity.

PrAna-Men’s stretchable pants: 

These stretchable pants are also one of the best hiking pants having the following features:

  • Have Stylish look
  • Fabric is stretchy
  • Having great insulation
  • Versatility

Fabric Quality:

These pants have long-lasting fabric. These pants have material which is a blend of spandex and Nylon that ensures durability. The fabric of these pants dries so quickly and stretches as per your expectations.

Having Great Insulation:

When you’re on a hiking trail wearing these best hiking pants you just forget about freezing as the features of these fabric gives thickness for isolation.

Stylish Look:

The stretchy fabric of these pants and the best waistband adjuster make a specific standard fit.

Where to buy it?

You can buy these pants from Amazon.

RecommendationsImageSpecial Feature
CQR Men’s Tactical Pants, Water Repellent Ripstop Cargo Pants, Lightweight EDC Hiking Work Pants, Outdoor Apparel,

Amazon➊Mix of Polyester & Cotton Rip-stop fabric materials
➋Multi-purpose cargo pockets for various tools and equipment.

Columbia Men’s Flex ROC Pant, Alpine Tundra, 34×32

Amazon➊98% Cotton, 2% Elastane
➋This men’s durable stretch pant features several handy pockets, including a knife pocket and one zip pocket, for ultimate convenience and efficiency.
TBMPOY Men’s Outdoor Lightweight Windproof Belted Quick-Dry Hiking Pants(03thin Light Grey,us M)

Amazon➊85% Polyamide, 15% Spandex
➋Quick dry fabric Surface adopting water-repellent quick-dry fabrics, make you feel cool and comfortable in outdoor condition.
Eddie Bauer Women’s Guide Pro Pants, Black Regular 10

Amazon➊Zipper closure
➋These hiking pants for women are our professional mountain guides’ choice for everything outside: from moving fast in the mountains to lounging at camp. 

Little Donkey Andy Women’s Stretch Convertible Pants, Zip-Off Quick-Dry Hiking Pants 

Amazon➊Mix of Polyester & Cotton Rip-stop fabric materials
➋Multi-purpose cargo pockets for various tools and equipment.
Wespornow Women’s-Convertible-Zip-Off-Hiking-Pants for Camping, Travel

Amazon➊4-way stretch woven outer pants are lightweight enough to dry quickly and breathe, but rugged enough to resist abrasion.
➋Wespornow women’s hiking pants have 5 large-capacity pockets

ATG by Wrangler Men’s Synthetic Utility Pant, Dark Shadow,

Amazon➊6% Nylon, 4% Spandex
➋Zipper closure
Women’s Lightweight Hiking Pants Water Resistant Waterproof Quick Dry Lounge Running Drawstring Outdoor-Fishing Trail

Amazon➊90% Polyester / 10% Spandex
➋Multly Pockets – 2 pockets on the front, 1 invisible zipper and 1 back zippered pockets to keep your items security. 

Columbia Men’s Men’s Silver Ridge Cargo Pant, Tusk

Amazon➊100% Nylon
➋he ultimate moisture management technology for the outdoors.
BALEAF Women’s Lightweight Jogger Pants with Zipped Pockets Hiking Pants High Waist Quick Dry

➊88% Nylon, 12% Spandex
➋Five pockets including two hand sides deep pockets and two front zip cargo pockets and one roomy rear pocket 

Smartwool Men’s Merino 250 wool pants:

These pants are one of the best hiking pants you can buy has the following features:

  • Properties of Moisture-wicking
  • Comfortable
  • Long-lasting
  • Having odour resistance with warm insulation

Neutralizing odour:

These pants have an odour neutralizing feature. Merino wool is used in these pants, which gives anti-microbial qualities and keeps foul odour away.


The Merino wool used in these pants limits wears and tear. So these pants can be worn under any snow pants, which minimizes the risk of discomfort.

Can be washed in Machine:

You can enjoy yourself carefree outdoors and can wash these pants using the Machine. This will not consume your time, and you can enjoy your hiking trip without any tension.

Where to buy it?

I have already made a list above with complete analysis.

 Waterproof hiking pants:

Hiking pants

Waterproof hiking pants have a layer of Gore-Tex type of membranes that allows these pants to breathe in rainy weather. Some hiking pants are waterproof, and some are not. For those people who spend most of their time outside or on hiking trails in rainy weather, a waterproof pant is essential for such people.

Mostly waterproof hiking pants are lightweight, having adjustable waistbands which are comfortable.

Some features of waterproof pants to consider:

Waterproof hiking pants have the following features:

  • Having elastic waistband 
  • Have elastic cuffs
  • Most comfortable
  • Easy to wear when you’re on hiking for hours

Waterproof hiking pants for Men have looser fitting than pants for women. Outdoor Research’s Foray Pants are one of the best examples of waterproof pants. These pants keep you dry when you’re on the hiking track, and the weather is wet. These pants are from Gore-Tex, which is a synthetic fabric that is breathable fabric and also waterproof at the same time. These hiking pants have hooks at the end to prevent water from entering boots or socks

Women’s Hiking pants: 

Hiking pants

For women, it is difficult to find the best today hiking pant pair. Hiking pants should be so comfortable, functional, durable and surely don’t hurt if it fits. Keeping in view all these features, it is pretty challenging to find the best pair of hiking pants for women.


When you are hiking, keeping the minimum weight is so important. So the weight of your clothes should be minimum. 


For women’s there are several brands of hiking pants available some of them are given below:

  1. Mountain Hardwear Dynama ankle pants are the lightest and most comfortable pants we tested. In these pants, there are no zips or buttons present to deal with at the waist.

Columbia Saturday trial: These pants have the best designs. The fabric used in these pants is super comfortable, making it an excellent choice for warm weather hikes. You can also buy these pants from Amazon. Some people don’t love the pockets of these pants because the front pockets of these pants are super shallow, and the pocket on the thigh having zip is so tiny and allows you to store things at the back of your legs.

2. Columbia Anytime outdoor

These are the most affordable pants in the list of women’s collections, also don’t lack in function and fashion. These pants are so relaxing and are the best pants for those women who like to go straight from work today hiking.

3. REI Co-op:

These are women hiking best pants available on Amazon . These are also convertible pants having lightweight. These pants are designed for travel and hiking in changeable conditions. The fabric of these pants packs down small and is easy to dry, so hikers can easily wash these pants on the go. These pants provide comfort, allow you to move freely with full motion. 

 Men’s Hiking Pants:   

Hiking pants

There is a variety of hiking pants for Men available. When you are on a hiking trail, you want a special outfit that must be comfortable and make your trip enjoyable. So for these requirements, it is necessary to have unique hiking pants instead of wearing jeans that are not comfortable that is not stretchable. When you are on a hiking path, you are continuously moving upward, downward, so, for this, you need to wear comfortable hiking pants that allow you to move quickly.


There is no such difference between women’s hiking pants and Men’s hiking pants. The features of Men’s hiking pants are similar to Women’s hiking pants, i.e. must be durable, able to go to the top of the mountain, and came back again. These pants must be rugged. When you are going to buy hiking pants, your preference should be according to the given features. Choose pants that infuse with functionality, having good looks and, must-have waterproof quality.

Convertible hiking pants:

Hiking pants

Convertible hiking pants are a kind of pants that can easily be converted into shorts by using zipping that allows 2/3rd of the leg to zip off.

When we talk about unique pants for hiking, then these pants must be convertible. On the lower part of the legs, these pants must have zippers to convert them to shorts easily.

Convertible pants can easily be converted into shorts, and there is no need to remove boots for converting these pants into shorts. You can easily convert these pants into shorts by just zipping off from the lower leg part. While you are wearing jeans on hiking paths, you don’t feel comfortable compared to unique convertible hiking pants. By removing the lower half of the pants, you feel more comfortable. There are so many benefits of convertible hiking pants, which include more breathability, can be used in multiple climates, and are easy to remove.

Features of Convertible Hiking Pants:

These type of pants gives flexibility with many easily converting to shorts. Zip is present at about 2/3rd of the distance down the pants. By just unzipping the lower area of pants, we can have nice pair of shorts. Convertible pants are beneficial for hot weather as well as for cold weather.

You can zip on the legs in the morning to protect your legs from chilling and zip them off when it is hot and then back at dusk when mosquitoes come out. No matter where you are, you don’t need to change these pants. The ultra-light material of these pants allows you to carry two or three if you want to.

Hiking pants

These pants don’t clog up like jeans or cotton pants, and if you’re going to go swimming in these pants, these pants will dry before anything else you are wearing. These pants are designed for functionality from top to bottom. Most of the pants come with sturdy nylon belts for better adjustment.

These convertible hiking pants have ample pockets, two hands, two Cargo give you space for everything. Apart from these pants, there is a variety of formal pants available. But standard pants are not convertible pants according to the weather conditions; you can’t convert these pants according to the needs. Like if the day is sunny, you can’t convert standard pants into shorts.

Mainly outdoor hazards are caused by weather. We should always keep in mind what weather to expect during planning for a hiking trip. If you are going to an unfamiliar place, checking weather patterns will give you an idea of what to expect.

Convertible pants are a good choice for changeable temperatures because when it’s hot, you can quickly zip off these pants from your legs to get convenient shorts. Convertible pants are usually worn for ventilation purposes, especially in dry and hot environmental conditions.

If we choose the right pair of these pants, these pants are the lightest and most reliable. When you are on a hiking trial, these convertible shorts have some benefits. The main thing about these shorts is that these shorts are more relaxed and give excellent breathability, which is so essential when you are hiking in hot weather.

The other best advantage of these shorts is that these shorts allow freedom of movement, which is necessary for hiking on any kind of path, especially on rough surfaces. And another advantage is that when you zip off these pants, their weight becomes lighter.


Choose hiking pants that are suitable for season and terrain. Choose the kind of pants that guard you against the wind, direct sunlight, heat, cold and wetness. The choice is yours to wear hiking pants or shorts. There are some Pros and Cons of shorts and convertible pants; let’s summarize here. Shorts gives us the freedom to move, and also, shorts are more relaxed than pants.

Convertible pants are easy to dry because of the fabric used, i.e. (Nylon or polyester). These pants can be worn if there is any drop in temperature or heavy vegetation along the way. We can save some space and weight by getting a pair of convertible pants. These pants need to fit correctly to be enjoyable. 

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