Can You Use Drano in an RV?

Drano in RV plumbing is one thing most individuals don’t take into consideration till they expertise a clog. The truth is, most newbie RVers don’t have any drain cleansing merchandise available in any respect. But, when a drain clog occurs, first-time RVers attain for Drano in RV plumbing clog conditions, as they do at residence.

This text exhibits you why pouring Drano down RV plumbing is a foul thought. You’ll find out about secure alternate options and different ideas alongside the way in which.

Earlier than we get began, let’s get your questions out of the way in which by answering probably the most generally requested drain-unclogging questions particular to utilizing harsh chemical compounds like Drano in RVs.

Can I Use Drano in an RV? FAQs

Drano is a caustic chemical cleaner. It really works by creating warmth to eat away at any obstruction in its path. Which means Drano won’t solely destroy a clog however it will possibly additionally destroy the rubber seals, plumbing piping, and holding tanks in your RV plumbing.

1. Can I Use Drano in My RV Rest room?

No, you’ll be able to’t use Drano in your RV Rest room. Pouring Draino down your RV rest room isn’t a good suggestion since you threat damaging the black tank, the dump valve, or any rubber seal or pipe alongside the way in which.

2. Can I Use Drano in My RV Sinks?

No, you’ll be able to’t use Drano in your RV Sink as a result of, like your RV rest room, it will possibly harm important parts. Drano can harm the water holding tanks in addition to any rubber seals present in your RV plumbing. Subsequently it’s by no means a good suggestion to make use of it in any of your RV drains

3. Is It Secure to Use Drano in My RV Bathe?

No, it’s not secure to make use of Drano in your RV bathe. Like your rest room and sink, the bathe drains right into a holding tank. Avoiding chemical compounds that may harm the tank and the remainder of your RV plumbing is vital to sustaining and preserving your camper.

4. Can You Use Liquid Plumber in an RV?

Whereas some RVers will inform you that Liquid Plumber is safer to make use of in your RV than Drano, we don’t advocate it. Liquid Plumber continues to be a chemical cleaner. As such, it will possibly harm your camper’s rubber seals or PEX pipes. Immediately’s motorhomes and journey trailers nonetheless have rubber plumbing parts, so Liquid Plumber is simply not a good suggestion.

5. Will Drano Injury My RV Black and Grey Tanks?

Drano is a caustic cleaner, which might harm the RV black and grey tanks themselves. Not solely that, however Drano might trigger the dump valves to put on down and erode extra shortly. It may possibly additionally destroy the nice micro organism used to interrupt down waste in your black tank.

Additionally, the overwhelming majority of RV dump stations that use septic tanks, gained’t will let you empty holding tanks with Drano or different harsh chemical compounds in it.

4 Drain Cleaners That Are Secure to Use in Your RV

In case your RV drain gained’t drain, by no means concern; there are secure strategies to unclog your RV plumbing.

1. Vinegar and Baking Soda

Utilizing vinegar and baking soda is a cheap and secure solution to clear a clogged RV drain. Since vinegar is an acid and baking soda is a base, combining the 2 creates a grade-school science-fair-like chemical response. The stress from this response is usually sufficient to dislodge a clog.

First, pour a half cup of baking soda down the clogged drain. After about 15-20 minutes, add half a cup of white vinegar. As soon as the fizzing has stopped, pour roughly half a gallon of boiling water down the drain to flush it clear.

2. Boiling Water

Boiling water is one other simple solution to unclog RV drains. The recent water helps solids in each your tanks and pipes break down extra shortly. Take care to pour only a gallon at a time down the clogged drain.

If the clog doesn’t break away the primary time you utilize boiling water, you’ll be able to repeat this technique a number of instances. Watch out to not overdo it as a result of an excessive amount of boiling water might doubtlessly harm any plastic tanks or ageing RV pipes.

If the boiling water technique doesn’t work at first, it’s finest to maneuver on to a different RV drain-approved declogging technique.

3. Enzyme-Primarily based Drain Cleaner

An enzyme-based drain cleaner, like Green Gobbler, is a superb choice for RV drains. The sort of cleaner works to interrupt down oil and grease with out damaging RV plumbing. An added bonus is that many of those enzyme-based cleaners launch fatty acids decreasing the pH degree and eliminating odors and clogs.

4. Drainbo Drain Cleaner

Drainbo is a organic holding tank therapy designed to be used in RVs and boats. It penetrates, degrades, and digests organic waste, grease, and detergents. It additionally eliminates odors and cleans your holding tank sensors as an added bonus.

How Do You Unclog an RV Drain With out Cleaner?

As you’ll be able to see, there are various non-chemical-based cleaners that you should utilize to clear a clogged RV drain. If boiling water, baking soda, and vinegar don’t work, you’ll be able to all the time strive Drainbo or an enzyme-based cleaner to get your RV drain flowing once more.

You probably have a rudimentary understanding of primary plumbing, it’s also possible to attempt to take away the entice from below the drain to take away the clog manually. Take into account that traps below RV sinks could also be extra accessible than these on showers or rest room drains.

Is It Ever Okay to Pour Drano Down Your RV Drains?

Pouring Drano down your RV drains is rarely a good suggestion. The harm Drano could cause to your RV’s plumbing system isn’t definitely worth the threat. After making an attempt the assorted strategies above, in case your drains are nonetheless clogged, you or an RV technician must open up the pipes to take away the clog.

Methods to Stop RV Drain Clogs

The best solution to maintain your RV drains functioning correctly is to keep away from clogs within the first place. You possibly can take a couple of easy steps to cut back your threat of experiencing a clogged RV drain.

1. Throw Away Meals Particles

Many people have rubbish disposals in our bricks-and-sticks properties that break down meals waste earlier than flushing it down the drain. This isn’t a luxurious that almost all have whereas RVing.

To keep away from kitchen sink clogs, make sure you eliminate any meals waste straight into the rubbish. When you’ve wiped your plates clear, you’ll be able to proceed to clean your dishes in your RV sink with out concern of a clog.

2. Use a Sink Strainer

A sink strainer will help you retain meals particles out of your drain whereas making ready meals. Strainers forestall meals particles from rinsing produce or meat taking place the drain. Subsequently, they’re RV preventive upkeep instruments to keep away from drain clogs.

3. Hold Oils Out of Drains

Preserving oils out of your kitchen and toilet drains may even assist forestall clogs. Oil and grease go down the drain in liquid type, however over time they will solidify, inflicting a clog. 

Within the kitchen, wipe oily residue with a paper towel and eliminate it within the trash. I wish to rinse the fats off my floor beef after I’ve cooked it, however I realized that doing so over a bowl catches the grease earlier than it goes down the drain.

4. Keep away from Bar Soaps and Waxy Hair Conditioners

Bar soaps and a few waxy or clay-based conditioners can even clog drains. Keep away from utilizing these kinds of merchandise in your RV lavatory as a result of as soon as they’re rinsed down the drain, they will solidify and trigger clogs.

5. Catch Hair Going Down Drains

Hair is a big wrongdoer with regards to clogged RV plumbing. Use a hair catcher to entice hairs earlier than they slip down the drain. Don’t overlook to position one within the lavatory sink and the bathe as hair can get trapped simply in any drain.

6. Don’t Dump Espresso Grounds

It could appear apparent to some, however when you’re not used to RV dwelling, you might overlook that one thing so simple as espresso grounds can clog up an RV drain. As a finest apply, any overseas object apart from RV-approved rest room paper must be thrown within the rubbish. That is additionally true for female hygiene merchandise. 

Hold Up With RV Plumbing Upkeep

In case you apply routine RV plumbing upkeep, you’ll be able to forestall clogs from occurring within the first place. We’ve already mentioned the significance of stopping overseas objects from coming into your RV tanks and drains. Another belongings you want to remember to take care of your RV plumbing are:

  • Dump tanks commonly and correctly
  • Clear drains when wanted
  • Flush black and grey water tanks commonly
  • Keep away from harsh chemical cleaners
  • Hold the RV rest room clear with the correct cleansing merchandise

The Backside Line on Utilizing Drano in Your RV Drains

The underside line concerning Drano and your RV drains is simply don’t use it!

Drano is just too harsh and corrosive to make use of in RV plumbing. As a substitute, apply common RV plumbing upkeep to keep away from clogs each time potential. If a clog arises, strive non-chemical cleaners like boiling water or baking soda and vinegar to resolve the problem.

Don’t put Drano down your RV drains, otherwise you’ll threat even larger plumbing issues than a clogged drain.

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