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Backpacking chairs: Everything You Want to Know- Best Picks for You

Hello hiking lovers! Are you looking for the best quality lightweight backpacking chairs? You’re at the right place. These chairs are willfully designed to be comfortable to carry. These backpacking chairs are lightweight and are solid enough to support your body weight. In this modern era, backpacking chairs have gained a lot of popularity.

When you’re on the way to adventures, these chairs are essential equipment. Especially for beach traveling and camping, it is the most resourceful item. These backpacking chairs are mainly used by those who take a break when camping, trekking, or hiking.

If you people are planning a hike with your loved ones to have fun and you want to enjoy yourself, then at some point of the hike, you need to have rest. You will want to sit down and relax. And it is not possible to tug a chair with you when you go hiking. So for this problem, the only solution is to have a lightweight and compact backpack chairs.

Features of backpacking chairs:

Backpacking chairs

There are a lot of features of backpacking chairs. I’m going to discuss some of those features for you:


The Features of these chairs include lightweight. These backpacking chairs are easily foldable, made of the best quality, and close-packed. These features make them very suitable for rough landscapes that will come across your hiking activities. Because of their folding and lightweight components, you can easily carry these backpacking chairs with you.


These backpacking chairs are so comfortable that these chairs allow you to relax in any position you choose. Some of these chairs are designed so beautifully, having canopies over them that give you protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

Having Rust Resistance:

The material used in manufacturing these backpacking chairs is usually resistant to rust, moisture, and Ultraviolet rays. This makes them feasible for outdoor activities like hiking, camping when the sun can be too hot or rainy weather during hiking.


The material used in the manufacturing of these chairs is superior, like the wood, Aluminum, or steel used are so durable. Therefore these can last longer and give outstanding service. There is no need to replace these backpacking chairs soon as these chairs last longer. These chairs are so strong that they can carry up to 136 kg, meaning that these chairs are suitable for those who are overweight and obese. These chairs can support this weight without breaking or tearing down.


If you are looking for the best backpacking chairs, there is no need to worry because these chairs are readily available in online stores and the stores having sports accessories. 


These chairs are less expensive; anyone can afford these best quality backpacking chairs. The best thing is that these chairs will serve you for an extended period. There is no need to buy these chairs again and again. You need to invest in just one backpacking chair for your hiking activities.

Uncomplicated to Operate:

Backpacking chairs

 Backpacking chairs are trouble-free to operate. You can set them in little time. Just by opening up the backpack chair and stretching, and there you have your chair. These chairs are so helpful when you are tired of hiking. There is a variety of backpacking chairs available, having different styles, different colors. You can choose these chairs according to your preferences and enjoy the benefits associated with them.

Backpacking folding chairs:

There are several types of backpacking chairs available today. It depends on your preferences that which kind of chair you want. Backpacking is a continuous balancing act between two things, i.e., weight and comfort, and most of us are always on the lookout to improve our comfort without having a lot of weight to the pack.

If you are sodding off into the wild for more than two days, you can likely get out with any backpacking camp chair. But if you are going for a more extended trip, then an ultralight backpacking chair is essential. For your ease, I’m going to discuss different types of backpacking chairs. I hope this article will help you if you are looking for the best and ultralight backpacking camp chairs:

Some chairs are foldable: 

These foldable chairs are for those who value comfort. These chairs have poles for legs, a seat of good fabric, and this chair allows you to sit about 11 inches above the ground. These chairs are the most comfortable chairs for backpacking but are heavy for ultralight gear. The legs of these chairs are so thin that if you sit on sand or other soft places, the legs can sink.

Ground chairs:

These chairs are named ground chairs because of the ability to sit directly on the ground or just a few inches off the ground. These chairs do not have legs that make them lighter and more compact than any other chair. These chairs are so closed to the land that if you sit on these chairs, you will pick up dirt, needles of pine, and other litter of the forest. These chairs can be folded flat also can be doubled as a sleeping pad. It allows you to convert your pad into a portable chair. This is an outstanding solution for the people who are hiking and camping lovers carrying an inflatable sleeping pad.

A stool:

This stool is freestanding and gets you off the ground but lacks the back support of a chair. Some of these stools have three legs, and some are having two. The stools usually have three legs expands like a tripod, and the stool has two legs open and close like a clamshell. These stools can be dropped into a pack and used for a short period but don’t expect to have for hours. These stools allow you to roll up your sleeping pad; you can stand it horizontally and use it as a cylindrical stool.

 Foam seat pad:

This inflatable seat pad so lightweight and so comfortable having a to-fuss layer between the arse and the ground, then you could think about these sleeping pad-inspired seats. There is no back support in these seats, so you can use these seats just for short breaks.

Best Backpacking Chairs:

Backpacking chairs

   In this modern era, there are various best backpacking chairs available at different online stores, and the stores have sports accessories. Here are some primary considerations for the best backpacking chairs:

  • Having less weight
  • Best packability
  • Comfortable
  • Durability 
  • Having Ground Elevation etc.

Whenever you are looking for the best backpacking chairs, keep in mind that they should have the following features:

Capacity, weight, comfort, ease of setup, best fabric, and frame material.

The chairs having these specifications are considered the best backpacking chairs. I’m going to discuss some of the best backpacking chairs for your ease:

Big Agnes Skyline UL:

These chairs are so comfortable and provide the best stability level in a small package. The seat of these chairs is deep-pocketed, meaning that you will feel so pleased while sitting on these chairs with your legs in any position. It gives you 100% relaxation, keeps you back straighter than any other model. The price of this model is so reasonable, and the features make it one of the best-rounded products.

The weight of this chair is just 19 ounces with a seat height of 9.5’’ that is easy to carry.


  • So comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Best Stability

Best Bang for the Buck:

This sun-year compact chair is another lightweight best chair that will not disappoint you if you buy it. It gives you average comfort, but it is as easy to set up like other models. 


  • Inexpensive
  • So comfortable
  • Easy to set up

Heli NOx chair zero:

Are Helinox chairs worth it?

Heli NOx is one of the highest-ranked ultralight chairs. It is the most comfortable and stable chair. When sitting down the zero, you will feel the back support given by the seat shape. The seat pockets are not as deep as some, so you will find your legs less supported. Also, you will find yourself sitting very low to the ground. So if you are looking for a backpacking chair in the first place, this is the only chair that can divert your mind.


  • Deep comfortable seat
  • Comfortable for size and weight
  • Gives stability 
  • Gives great ventilation
  • Incredibly lightweight

Big Agnes Big six:

The seat of this chair is of good width and tall, which offers a high enough back for a headrest. This chair is having a high back for headrest, which is not found in any other chair. There is a hubless pole design to be good for increasing stability. This chair is not lightweight. We can say it’s so heavy that most hikers aren’t going to be willing to carry it into the mountain.


  • Having comfortable seat
  • Headrest
  • High back
  • Palatial
ModelWeightSeat heightPricecomfortStability
Big Agnes skyline UL29 ounce9.5 inches110$35%20%
Best Bang for the buck35 ounce9 inches38.99$35%20%
Helinox Chair zero18 ounce7 inches119.95$35%20%
Big Agnes Big six51 ounce12 inches149.95$35%20%

Ultralight backpacking chair:

Some hikers think of chairs as a dead weight, and others can’t imagine not bringing some comfortable options to rest their legs after a long day of hiking. Not every chair is suitable for the backcountry. You need to find a chair that is of the right packable size, proper weight, and comfort for hiking.

Camping chairs are the bomb, with pockets, drink holders, and armrests. When backpacking, you want an ultralight chair that fir in your packs and weighting fewer than 2 pounds.

HELINOX Best Ultralight backpacking chair: 

Backpacking chairs

In the market, Helinox Zero is one of the lightest foldable chairs. Its weight is just 16 ounces and packs down to the size of a water bottle. It is considered the best backpacking chair because of its comfortability.


Price: $119.90 on

Weight when packed: 1 lb.

Size when packed: 13.8 * 3.9 * 3.9 inches

The Capacity of holding weight: 120 kg

2. REI CO-OP stool:

Backpacking chairs

The REI CO-OP trail stool is made up of a lightweight tripod designed so that you can open it quickly whenever you want to sit and easy to fold back up.


Price: $22.50 on

Weight when packed: 1 lb.

Size when packed: 4*22 inches

The Capability of holding weight: 90 kg 

3. Collapsible Grand Trunk Micro stool:

Backpacking chairs

This micro stool has a clamshell frame that adds the lightest weight to your pack and is quick to set up. You can use the area under the seat as a temporary place to store your items off the ground.

This stool can be used anywhere. It is a multi-purpose stool. You can use it anywhere, near a campfire, at a campsite, or even as a nightstand next to your tent.

The legs of this stool are connected with an internal cord so you can break down or assemble in seconds with no tool needed. 


Price: $16

Weight when packed: 10.5 ounce

Size when packed: 12 * 6 1.5 inches

The Capability of holding weight: 113 kg


Backpacking chairs

This chair is beautifully designed for hiking, camping. It is used for dual purposes. The best thing about this crazy creek camp chair is that it folds like a stadium chair, giving you back support while you sit on the ground. This chair also works as a sleeping pad providing insulation from the ground.

It is the lightest and most packable chair with extra width and back height for added comfort, a bottom flap that folds in for extra seat cushioning or out for lounging, and a more extended sleeping pad. It provides more insulation and comfort without added bulk. This chair roll-up compactly to only 5.5 diameters, having a handy attached strap for ultra-easy carrying.


Price: 70$ on

Weight when packed: 1 lb.

Size when packed: 4*16.5 inches

The Capability of holding weight: 113 kg

5 . MOON LENCE ultralight folding chair:

This ultralight folding chair from MOON LENCE is one of the best lightweight chairs, and it’s a popular choice because of its price that it is inexpensive. The lower price of this chair does not compromise its quality and fabric. The frame of this chair is made up of aluminum alloy, and the fabric is of breathable oxford cloth that can easily be packed into a bundle and only measures about 14.2 * inches * 4.7 inches.

We can happily see ourselves spending hours on this chair. If you are willing to bring extra weight to your hike, this chair comes with two removable pockets for quick access to your gear: snacks or a bottle of water. After your hike, cleaning this chair is as easy as wiping the cloth and aluminum frame with a wet rag. When you compare it to other backpacking chairs, the sole category this chair suffers is the ease of setup. There are dozens of backpacking chairs that can set up faster.

ModelPriceWeight when packedSize when packed
Rei CO-OP Trial stool22.50$1 lb.13.8*3.9*3.9 inches
Collapsible micro stool30$10.5 oz.12*6 1.5 inches
Helinox zero120$1 lb.13.8*3.9*3.9 inches
ELITE Mayfly100$1 lb.4.3*11.5 inches
EXPED Chair kitPiece vary from 50$-100$15.5 oz.N/A
Sea to Summit chair50$8 oz.N/A
REI CO-OP flash sit pad~25$3 oz.2.5*5 inches

Rei Backpacking chairs:

There are several brands today from where you can buy the best backpacking chairs. is one of them. You can buy the best backpacking camp chairs from here. I’m going to enlist some of their bestselling backpacking chairs.

REI Co-op Flex lite Camp chair:

These chairs are having a lot of features. You can fold down these chairs easily in the included stuff despoil. You can set these chairs easily by using an aluminum frame. Its four legs design provides stability. Its polyester seat also has a durable water repellent finish that helps in resisting moisture and stains.


Best useBackpacking , camping  
Unfolded Dimensions25*20*20 inches  
Height of seat11 inches  
Material (s) of seatRipstop polyester  
Material for frameAluminum  
Weight1 lb.  
Folded Dimensions4.5*15 inches  

REI co-op flash trail seat:

One of the best backpacking chairs you can buy is from Its trifold design allows you to take this chair on any type of trip, including backpacking. The material used in its making, i.e., polyester fabric and fiberglass, provides comfortable support. It is having side connector straps to adjust so you can fine-tune your position. It has foam pads that enhance durability and comfort.


Best use  Backpacking, camping
Unfolded Dimensions  16*17*16 inches (H*W*D)
Folded Dimensions  16*5.5*4.5  inches
Material of seat  Ripstop polyester
Construction of frame  Fiberglass
Weight  1 lb.

 REI co-op Flexlite camp Boss chair:

A chair from the best seller at The best feature of this chair is that it is 20% larger in all dimensions than original flex lite chairs with an increased weight capacity of 136 kg. The seat of this chair provides comfort for a wider range of bodies. This chair also sets up easily using an aluminum frame.


Use  Camping, backpacking
Unfolded Dimensions  29.5*24*24 inches
Folded Dimensions  6*8 inches
Seat height  14 inches
MATERIAL OF SEAT  Ripstop polyester
Weight holding capacity136 kg

REI co-op Flexlite air chair:

Another best seller backpacking camp chair at Some of the features of this chair are as follows:

Sets up easily using an aluminum frame. This ripstop nylon seat has a durable water repellent that finishes shedding light, moisture, and stain—having folding property. And have a weight-holding capacity of 250 lbs. 


Use  Camping, backpacking
Folded Dimensions  5*16 inches
Unfolded Dimensions  19*22*22 inches
Weight  1 pound
Material of frame  Aluminum
Height of seat  11 inches
Weight holding capacity  113 kg

There are much more backpacking camp chairs available at Visit their site to buy your favorite products at reasonable prices. 


A backpacking chair is somehow considered an optional piece of hiking gear for those who are not fond of sitting on cold, hard rocks. Whenever we talk about backpacking chairs, the first thing came to our mind is the benefits of these chairs. Why is it so important to have a backpacking chair for hiking or camping? As we know, backpackers are also campers. So there are two scenarios when backpackers need a chair. The first one is when you are camping at a tent site that does not have a picnic table.

The second scenario is that when you are backpacking for multiple nights and the cold, wet ground is unappealing for sitting down to a meal. These chairs give protection to your back. As we all know, back support and muscle fatigue are so important after a long day of wearing a backpack. The best backpacking chair will give you proper alignment to remind your back muscles about how adequate posture feels like. So getting comfortable can be a challenge when you are out backpacking.

When you are outside you, don’t always find a convenient piece of rock to sit on whenever you decide to take a rest. A backpacking camp chair is one of the last things in mind for a backpacker, especially for those backpackers who subscribe to the ultralight principle; in ancient times, backpacking chairs used to be heavy bulky, which makes them an unnecessary luxury.

So the good news for the backpackers is that there is a variety of ultralight backpacking chairs available. These chairs are lightweight that fit your pack and can be easily assembled. To help you decide on a backpack chair, I have discussed every best and lightweight backpacking chair in the markets. You can buy these ultralight chairs with the best quality fabric in online stores as well. 

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